Welcome Traveler!

This is the information hub for the game run every Tuesday night, 6-9pm, at The Gamer’s Armory (684 Cary Towne Blvd, Cary, NC)

Here’s a short bio on the campaign setting and story:

The game is a completely homebrewed, setting, with the standard PHB1 deities in play, but not interacting much with the world in general. The story is centered in the seaside kingdom of The Traveler’s Resting Place, ruled by Rasnir V, descended from a long dynasty of fathers of the same name. The king has recently come into possession of a macguffin called The Emblem of the Gods, shaped like a 8-sided platinum star, which has given him god-like powers, and has given him the confidence to declare total rule over his city and lay down martial law within it. The item in question was stolen from a powerful pirate who is currently in the harbor, so the dynamics between the King’s forces and the Pirate’s will be influential in the game. The story centers around the everymen who have to deal with the consequences of the King’s actions, both in stealing and wielding the Emblem. Lash, Captain of the King’s Guard and one of the PCs, has had to go out into the city to hire adventurers because there aren’t enough soldiers to fill the quota and keep order. The rest of the party are adventurers from the city or out of town who have been hired because they aren’t allowed out in the streets any other way.

Update for April 24 As of last session, the adventurers did some research, discussed a few things with the pirate captain, named Thorin, and invited him into the King’s private chambers to “investigate.” The session ended with the King and Thorin getting in a fight, and the King was killed by Thorin, but the details of the fight aren’t known to the PCs at this time.

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